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  • “Sycamore Springs has been a great blessing for our mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. We made the move to this beautiful new facility because it would bring her within a mile of my home, but we did no realize that the care Mother is receiving would be worth far more than convenience. The patient, loving care that we see poured out on the residents flows from women to men who show genuine concern for the residents. We are so glad to see workers and caregivers of various ages. To top off the excellent care Mother receives, all this takes place in a beautiful facility that is designed for easy inclusion of memory care residents with the full Sycamore Springs family. Our town is indeed fortunate to have a residential facility that demonstrates such a high level of kind, intentional excellence. My sister adds this observation after we moved Mother into her new home: ‘I walked out knowing in my heart that my mother is in good hands and that we are blessed.’”
    - Michael Foreman

  • “A stunning new facility located in beautiful East Tennessee. With a caring community that includes dedicated professional staff members who are committed to serving with honor and respect, Sycamore Springs is certain to be a wise choice for anyone who is considering retirement and/or assisted living arrangements.”
    - Keith Hertzog

  • “My sister is so very happy here. The staff is so friendly and accommodating. There are plenty of activities, which she loves, wonderful food and a beautiful environment. She also gets to stay in her hometown where everything is familiar. It is such a blessing to both of us that Sycamore Springs was built at just the right place at just the right time!”
    - Pat Cornett Hart

  • “Sycamore Springs offers exceptional services by an exceptional staff. The staff members are engaging and sincerely care about the residents. There are various activities offered daily, and they go the extra mile to get the residents involved. Dining is a pleasant experience as the food is excellent. The nurses are exceptional and very attentive. This facility is maintained very well and always clean. Our family couldn’t be happier with the staff and services offered at Sycamore Springs. Kudos to the excellent management team for providing a wonderful and safe environment for our loved one!”
    - Holly Hampton

  • “Mom seems to enjoy it and the staff really cares about her. Thank you.”
    Barbara Nichols-Dyson Miller

  • “Great place to work. We have a blast every day, we start at 9am with a walk on the Tweetsie Trail, then tybo kickboxing, followed by arm toning, available in chair or standing abilities. Customized for everyone’s needs. AT 10:30 we have devotions or music time. Some days hand exercise using playdough, soft balls, slinky, etc…. Lunch at 12 Rest time from 1 to 2. From 2-4 we do crafts of all kinds. We have visitors from the community, dog shows, music therapy, gardening, bingo, games, scavenger hunts and tons of fun. From 4-5 front porch social, rocking chairs provided. Dinner is at 5, at 6 more activities if you didn’t get enough. Lol. Night time is movie time, piano and singing. Provided by our talented residents. Sometimes residents gather in each other’s rooms. We also have an onsite Library and computer area, gym, porches, and patios. Three media rooms too. It’s like camp for adults!!!! That’s an average day. We also do outings to local places; Watauga Lake, Roan Mountain, Carmike theater, The Mall, the senior center for bingo. We have lots more places to explore. Come by and check out the beautiful facility and meet our caring and friendly staff. We are an awesome team. We love your family like we love our own.”
    Tina Carr Deaton

  • “Three simple words: Peace of Mind. This is the gift of Sycamore Springs. When the time came to find long term care for our mother, Phyllis, whose dementia had been growing steadily worse for six years, my brother and I chose well. No matter how much you yearn to take on the responsibility, not out of obligation, but purest love and devotion for your loved one, you can’t do it all. It’s one of life's toughest calls. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. But we were blessed with an answer.

    I was aware of Sycamore Springs' stellar reputation. Beautiful. Peaceful. Homey. Just sparkling!!! Where Sycamore Springs stands out is its vetting and choice of caregivers and nursing staff. Having played the role of caregiver for my mom, I know what it takes and how MUCH it takes. I know what the physical challenges are. I know the emotions. Sycamore Springs caregivers CARE. And most importantly, THEY LOVE. They are true angels on earth. They are family. They are remarkable!

    I’m not a parent, but for those of you who are, let me express it like this: mothers and fathers will remember the concerns of leaving your child on their first day of school, the first day with a new babysitter, the first day of any separation...It’s difficult. If you want to lessen that trepidation, knowing your beautiful parent who loved, cared, nurtured, and sacrificed everything for you is well taken care of, consider Sycamore Springs.”


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